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The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) brings together Iowa ethanol and biodiesel producers to foster the development and growth of the state’s renewable fuels industry through education, promotion and infrastructure development. IRFA is committed to making Iowa a leader in producing renewable fuels and value-added co-products.

8th Annual Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit and Trade Show

The 2014 Summit Recap is Now Available!

Click Here for a Recap of the 2014 Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit


4th Annual Fuel the Future

Iowa High School Video Contest Winner!

"E15: The Fuel of the Future" by John Low of Linn-Mar. High School


E15 Now Available in Iowa!

For 2001 and Newer Vehicles and Flex-Fuel Vehicles


E15 Facts

E15 is Now Available at These

Iowa Locations


E15 Retailer Information


Iowa E85 Price Listing Program

Click Here to Access IRFA's

Wholesale E85 Price Listing Program


Changes in Pipeline Fuel Distribution & the Impact on Ethanol Blends

The most significant changes in Iowa fuels to occur in 40 years will take place this fall with the elimination of 87-octane gasoline shipments to the state.

To assist fuel suppliers, marketers and retailers in preparing for these major changes, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) recently hosted workshops on Changes in Pipeline Fuels. To view the workshop presentation, please click here.

Click Here to Learn More




Progress and Prosperity:

A Look Into Iowa's Renewable Fuels Industry




IRFA Applauds Gov. Branstad for Continuing to Expand Consumer Access to Low-Cost, Homegrown Renewable Fuels


Iowa Senate Shows Overwhelming, Bipartisan Support for Renewable Fuels

USDA Prospective Plantings Report Shows Need for Strong and Growing RFS

Support and Silence for Renewable Fuels Among Iowa's Third Congressional District Candidates

Iowans, IRFA Fighting Back Against Big Oil's Renewed Effort to Dismantle the RFS

Survey: Iowa's Second Congressional District Candidates Back Biofuels

Surveys Show Robust Support for Renewable Fuels from Iowa's First Congressional District Candidates

Survey: Iowa's Fourth Congressional District Candidates Maintain Strong Support for Renewable Fuels

President Misses Opportunity to Help Level Playing for Biodiesel

Iowans Saved More Than $23 Million Using E10 in January

Premium Gasoline Consumers: It Pays to Shop for Ethanol

USDA Preliminary 2012 Farm Census Data Shows RFS is Revitalizing Rural Iowa

Iowa E85 Sales Set Record in 2013

Attendees Energized to Defend the RFS at National Ethanol Conference

Farm Service Cooperative Now Offering Low-Cost, Homegrown E15 to Harlan Residents

IRFA Congratulates Gov. Branstad on Governors' Biofuels Coalition Vice Chairmanship

IRFA Defends RFS at Top Producer Seminar

IRFA Announces Winners of 4th Annual High School Renewable Fuels Video Contest

New Study: Renewable Fuels Economic Impact Remains Strong in Iowa

IRFA Submits Comments to EPA in Support of a Strong and Growing RFS

IRFA Applauds Iowa's Elected Leaders for Standing United on RFS

IRFA Calls on API to Stop Misleading Iowans on RFS

Survey: Renewable Fuels Draw Strong Support from Iowa U.S. Senate Primary Candidates

Iowa Biodiesel Production of 230 Million Gallons Sets Record in 2013

For Third Year, Iowa Ethanol Production Held Steady at 3.7 Billion Gallons in 2013

Fort Dodge Residents Now Benefit from Low Cost, High Octane E15

IRFA Elects Officers, Executive Committee for 2014

Leading Republican U.S. Senate Primary Candidates Discuss Renewable Fuels at Cherokee Forum

Livestock Producers, IRFA Testify in Defense of RFS

Branstad, Iowans Travel to D.C. to Defend the RFS

Third Quarter Iowa E85 Sales Nearly Double First Quarter Numbers

Branstad and Iowa RFS Coalition Urge EPA, Obama Administration Not to Turn Their Backs on RFS, Iowans

"Defend the RFS" Event to Feature Governor Branstad, Congressman King, and Secretary Northey

Proposed 2014 RFS Numbers Are Complete Capitulation to Big Oil

AP Misleads Iowa Farmer/Pastor, Then Calls Him a Liar

AP Ethanol Hit Piece Inaccurate, Misleading

IRFA's Trek for Truth for E15

Fact Sheet: Federal Petroleum Mandate

ACE, IRFA "Celebrate" a Century of Subsidies for Big Oil

Latest Fuel Sales Data Proves E10 Blend Wall is Dead

IRFA Thanks Gov. Branstad for Program to Bolster E30 and Biodiesel Availability

New NREL Report Demonstrates Big Oil E15 Testing Fatally Flawed

New Data Shows Big Oil's Anti-E15 Test Lacks Real World Credibility

As RINs Lower E85 Price, Sales Soar in Cresco, Iowa

IRFA E85 Wholesale Price Listing Service

Iowa's E15 Retailers: We're Sticking Wtih E15

Study: Fall Fuel Changes Will Dramatically Impact Prices; E15 Expected to be Lowest Cost Registered Fuel in Iowa

Big Oil Using Distribution Monopoly to Keep Low-Cost, Homegrown E15 Out of Iowa

Another Ethanol Plant Steps Up to Offer Consumers Serious Ethanol Discounts

Ethanol Producers Turning RINs Into Huge Savings for Consumers

Iowa Takes Aggressive Step to Tear Down Big Oil's Bogus Blend Wall

The Hill: Calling Big Oil's Bluff

Iowa Biodiesel Plants Operated at 54 Percent Capacity in First Quarter

Fast Stop in Cresco Having Great Success with E15

Message to Hill Staff: Big Oil Attacks on RFS Rooted in Bogus Blend Wall and E15 Scare Tactics

Cleaner Air and Water through Renewable Fuels

Baxter Has Successfully Driven Around the World Two Times on E15

New Report: Iowa's Biodiesel Sales Triple Over Two-Year Span

KCCI News: New E15 Gas Goes on Sale in Iowa (with video)

IRFA Highlights Long-Term Impact of Renewable Fuels on Iowa's Progress and Prosperity

Study: Biodiesel Increases Iowa Farmer Income by Nearly $1.5 Billion Statewide

Study: Biodiesel Boosts Revenue for Iowa's Farmers

Iowa Groups Announce Formation of Iowa RFS Coalition, Thank President Obama for Unwavering RFS Support

Iowa Motorists Could Have Saved $69 Million with E15 in 2012

Former AAA Member Demands Explanation for Unsubstantiated E15 Attacks

4th Annual Biofuels Tour Recap

IRFA Releases New 10 Year Economic Impact Study

Ethanol Lowers Iowa Gas Prices by $1.69 Per Gallon

The Big Oil Anti-Free Market Agenda

Oil Does Get Special Tax Treatment

Iowa Industry Statistics - at a glance

E85 Stations

Biodiesel Stations

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